Simple Ingredients

Flour. Water .Salt

These foundational elements combined together at the right time, given the right temperature, and combined with the bakers hand and exposure to the natural elements in the air can create something truly magnificent. The skill in making bread is not in the ingredients, it is in the process. It is in the synergy of simple elements given the time and space to work together. Its about the baker not rushing and not overly interjecting him or herself into the reaction. Be there when you need to be there and only to the extent that you are needed. The minimum effective dose of interaction. 

The baker must know the signs of progress. Air bubbles, texture, rate of change. This takes experimentation and failure. It takes lessons learned and pattern recognition from missteps and suboptimal outcomes. A recipe is a starting point, but the skill is in the subtle adjustments.The slightly longer fermentation time if the environment is a bit colder yielded a slower reaction. It is knowing when to do nothing and just let things occur. 

Flour, water, salt all combined with the synergy of the bakers hand and time. The wisdom to know what need be changed and what is best left alone. 

As coaches and therapists, our foundational elements are education and stress. Just like with bread, these must be titrated to the context of the situation. Knowing when and how to apply these foundational elements, when to intervene, and when to stay out of the way is the magic in the process.

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