Don’t Litter

As coaches and therapists our job is to be a catalyst for change. We provide inputs to the persons life or suggest helpful edits. But in the process of finding the most helpful changes, we often make a mess. Our job has no protocol or script that works every time. We are often going through the closet trying on clothes to see what fits our client best. Once we find the pair of jeans that works we are often left with a room strewn with litter. 

What mess are we leaving behind in our course of care and client interactions? Is it a list of exercises a mile long that the client thinks they will need to do forever? Is it a narrative that is not useful? We have all seen the resulting effects on client who has held on to this clutter. Perhaps it is a belief about having to sit upright with their shoulders back from comments about poor posture as a child. Or a fear of weight training from a bad experience or ill fated story. Perhaps it’s an accumulation of junk that has led to feelings of fragility. Our interactions must be finalized with clean up. Well intentioned comments are often misinterpreted.

Unwrap and review the process.

Pick up the garbage and try to make your process as junk free as possible. 

Clean up after yourself. Don’t litter. 

– Anthony

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