The Middle Ground

We love the perception of hard. 

We avoid actually hard. 

 Low and easy never feels like we are doing enough so we ramp it up just a little to feel like we are “doing something meaningful”. 

These roads lead us to the middle ground and the middle ground is where progress goes to die.  The perception of what we are doing typically wins. Busy, tired, sore are all side-effects, not outcomes. We wear them like a badge of honor. An “I voted today” sticker to acknowledge that you are doing something to take you somewhere.

But busy, tired, and sore are terrible mile markers. They are false proxies for positive adaptation and change. 

Ask: “Is this doing what I intend it to do?”, “Am I doing this just to do it?” 

Is that single leg single arm rotational kb snatch to step up thingamajig really doing something or does it just look like it is? 

Is that same 5 mile run at the same moderate intensity pushing the needle anywhere? 

Is your churning away at emails and social media all day creating value or just the perception of busy? 

Whether with our client or our own growth- we are stress allocators.

This is our medicine.

Dose appropriately.

Then rest. 
*Stress + Rest = Growth. 

*But be sure to make your stress stressful and your rest is restful. 

– Anthony

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